Sales trends in small format stores in June 2020

CMR data indicates that in June 2020, the total value of sales in small format stores up to 300 m2 was 1% lower in comparison to record hot June 2019, on the other hand the number of transactions decreased by 18% during this time.

Week by week, the number of transactions in small format stores is on an increase (altogether in June was 10% higher than in May) while the average value of the receipt decreases – in June customers spent on average 17.84 PLN, i.e. 9% less than in May, and at the same time it accounted to 20% more than the year before. Substantial contribution of the higher price of receipt is due to the price increase, as the number of packages placed in the basket was only 7% higher than in the previous year. CMR data shows that in June 2020, close to 50% of transactions in small format stores came from the purchase of 1 or 2 packages of products (in the previous year, there were 51% of such transactions), while large purchases (upwards of 10 packages) which during the period of the greatest COVID restrictions amounted to over 10% of all transactions, in June 2020, were made by only about every fourteenth customer.

This year’s June was rather cool and rainy, due to this reason, compared to hot June in 2019, the largest drops in sales were recorded by categories of drinks, ice creams and beers. Beer spending in June was 13% lower than in the previous year (nevertheless, compared to May 2020 it increased by about 3%). In June 2020, spending on carbonated beverages in small-format stores decreased by 18% in comparison to the previous year, and the spending on water decreased by 35%. Substantial drops were also recorded by ice creams – where in June 2020, the value of its sales was 30% lower than in a previous year, nonetheless compared to May this year, it increased by 44%.

On the other hand, clear and flavored vodkas sold better than a year ago – customers of small format stores spent almost 20% more on them than in the previous year. Regardless of the ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes introduced in the second half of the year, both the number of packages sold and the spending of small format stores’ customers on cigarettes were only slightly lower than in May.

Compared to June 2019, the value of cigarette sales in small format stores increased by about 3% (in large part due to an increases in excise duty and price). While, customer expenditure for the whole category of tobacco products, including cartridges for tobacco warmers and other innovative products increased by 7% during this time.

According to the CMR data, many categories of products for baking, cooking and food preparation in sold better in June 2020 in small format stores than a year ago, but their sales increases in year over year (YoY) terms were significantly lower than in the weeks of the greatest COVID related restrictions. In June 2020, the number of single ingredient spices sold in small format stores was 20% higher than in the previous year, the number of packages of oil sold increased by 9%, and butter by 17%. In terms of year of year (YoY), the value of sales and the number of packages sold increased, including various types of fruit and vegetable products (spending on pickled vegetables was 50% higher than in June 2019), flour, additives for cakes, eggs, and teas. Whereas, the sales of many categories of dry and long-life products, bought in large quantities at the beginning of the outbreak of COVID pandemics, were slightly worse than last year. In June 2020, customers of small format stores bought 7% less packages of groats, 10% less packages of rice and 20% less packages of canned meat than in the corresponding period in previous year.

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