CMR RETAIL PANEL – weekly sales monitoring

Marketers in Poland need quick and precise information on sales results. Delivery of such information should be available very quickly, to enable its usage for adjusting even tactical marketing decisions. CMR addresses this need.

CMR weekly sales monitoring is a …

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CMR TEST PANEL – in-store experiments

CMR creates groups of test and control stores selected individually for given project. Those small scale experiments help to determine how planned marketing activities (changes in planogram, assortment, pricing, POSM) affect sales of a given product or group of products.…

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CMR BASKET ANALYSIS – purchasing habits analysis based on transactional/receipt data

At present CMR gathers electronic receipt/ transaction level data from the broadest representation of store types in Poland. That enables analysis of shopper habits in different store types: independent and organized trade, small format and large format. 

Those analyses cover …

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is independent market research agency
developing innovative research tools.

Our main areas of interest are:
quick measurement of marketing-mix activities’ impact
on FMCG sales results and precise analysis
of purchasing behavior based
on transactional/ receipt data

Brandy, koniaki i winiaki w sklepach małoformatowych do 300m2. Temat podjął Jakub Hornik na podstawie danych transakcyjnych CMR – w majowym numerze Rynków Alkoholowych.

Thursday June 17th, 2021

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W najnowszym Poradniku Handlowca przeczytamy o sprzedaży lodów impulsowych na podstawie danych transakcyjnych CMR

Wednesday June 9th, 2021

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Wpływ opłaty cukrowej na sprzedaż napojów bezalkoholowych

Monday May 31st, 2021

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